Lyla Askew is designed & made for you!                      Every garment is crafted with love in our studio in Wellington, New Zealand.  Shipping worldwide. Wholesale enquiries welcome.   

Lyla Askew is all about timeless designs that you'll love for a lifetime! 

Our top quality fabrics are sourced locally in New Zealand, as well as ethically certified international suppliers (organic, fair trade & eco-friendly sources). All garments are made with love for people & the planet, in our studio in Wellington, New Zealand. 

You might be thinking "New Zealand is a long way from the rest of the world"  but don't fret - We ship internationally with estimated delivery times ranging from just 3 to 15 days. You can see the full list of countries & estimated shipping duration in our policies section. 

At Lyla Askew we take social & environmental responsibility seriously. To reduce waste all our garments are cut to order, so if you have unique fit requirements just let us know and we can tailor to your measurements free of charge. 
Our fabrics are selected based on their merits across three categories: 1. Environmental impact of production & disposal
2. Worker empowerment
3. Supporting local business 

We've taken a hard line on the environmental damage caused by polyester so you wont find polyester in our designs. However we've recently (in 2019) made an exception due to inheriting a large amount of vintage deadstock fabric that we recon deserves to be loved rather than end up in landfill! These special pieces are only available in VERY limited runs and are clearly labelled. Be assured we'll never buy newly produced polyester!

We strive for a transparent supply chain and welcome any questions you may have about the origins of your garment.

Size Guide:
XS - bust 84cm, waist 65cm, hip 86cm
S - bust 90cm, waist 71cm, hip 92cm
M - bust 96cm, waist 77cm, hip 98cm
L - bust 102cm, waist 83cm, hip 104cm
XL - bust 108cm, waist 90cm, hip 110cm
XXL - Bust 116cm, waist 98cm, hip 118cm
Custom sizing by request - no additional charge

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